Enplug's goal

Enplug's goal is to keep the venue cusomters entertained and to make the venue owners have their social media channels maintained without having to sustain it manually. Open source third party apps on the Enplug display allows the venue owners to have limitless options to use the screen to improve their business.



Team culture is a big part of Enplug and it reflects the brand as well. An admirable business is all about happy workers and happy customers. This yearbook was left at the waiting room and meeting room for our clients and investors to see.

3-laptops-enplug-website (Custom)3-laptops-enplug-website (Custom)

Enplug brand identity guide

A brand identity guide was sent periodically to update the assets and images for everyone to use for their clients or customers. Identity guides will strengthen a brand's consistency of visual contents that are delivered to the public. 


Marketing flyers

Each app within the Enplug platform catered to a certain demographic. Each app was made into a separate sheet so that the sales person can pick and choose to customize a pitch deck on the go. 

Enplug Posters

These 24" x 36" posters were put up in the company office to strengthen the brand of the company. Visitors and clients would see these during their wait and tours of the company. 

Enplug Team Meeting at Enplug HQ02Enplug Team Meeting at Enplug HQ02

Thanks Enplug!